It pays to do research

This morning I was listening to coverage of the Washington state Democratic convention, a state that Bernie Sanders took in the caucuses.

They used a sound byte from a Bernie delegate, who remarked, “My main focus is universal health care and better mental health care, so I am withholding my support from Hillary until she moves farther left.”

“What?” I actually said out loud in my car, alone. Because I remember back when Bill Clinton was in office, and Hillary was being reviled for heading the task force charged with creating a health care bill to present to Congress. And I remember that the first version of that bill, which almost no one supported, included universal health care and expanded mental health benefits. From the time she was First Lady of Arkansas, she was a champion for accessible, affordable health care for all.

I really wanted to be at the convention and speak to that delegate. It seemed to me that she had not bothered to look past Hillary’s voting record in the Senate, where deals are brokered all the time, and every bill subject to heavy compromise.

So, in this election year when there is a lot of opinion and conjecture being thrown around, it pays to do some research. Try it.


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